We, AUTO INTEGRATED LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “AUTO”) is a Hong Kong-based company with over 20 years of experience in air purification. AUTO’s goal is to provide customers with the highest quality, most professional, most economical products and services. We strive to design, develop and manufacture different innovative products to provide the most effective solutions to meet different customer needs.

In 2015, we have integrated many years of experience to establish the Hong Kong brand “AIR-TECH” electrostatic precipitator. Through customer feedback on our products and services, “AIR-TECH” is known for its high performance, durability, economy and professional after-sales service. So far, more than 1000 projects and restaurants have used “AIR-TECH” electrostatic precipitators. Projects and restaurants include: HSBC Headquarters Building, The Hong Kong Bankers Club, HKJC The Happy Valley Clubhouse, Macau MGM, New Millennium Hotel Hong Kong, YATA, KFC, McDonald’s, Ruby Tuesday, Outback, Fairwood Holdings Limited, Café de Coral Holdings Limited, Maxim’s Caterers Limited, Tao Heung Group, Fu Lum Group. etc.

AUTO not only wins the customer’s appreciation on the product, but also gets the customer’s recognition of our service. Our team provides high-level and professional after-sales service, maintenance and cleaning services, so that the products provide the highest efficiency and durability, so that customers feel at ease.