Activated Carbon Filter activated carbon media as the air cleansing agent for the removal of gaseous contaminants, such as Odors, Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs…etc.

Activated Carbon is a highly porous charcoal product, usually derived from carbon sources such as bituminous coal, lignite, wood, or coconut shell. The activation process uses oxygen to open up millions of small pores within the carbon grain structure. This significantly increases activated carbons’ ability for adsorption of other chemicals, which bond to the large amount of open pore surface within the activated carbon granules.

“AIR-TECH” Activated Carbon Filter consists of two sections including Aluminium Prefilter Section for remove the larger particles and Carbon Cells Section are arranged in V-Shaped to provide the maximum surface area and reduce the pressure drop.

Technical Data:

Carbon Filter should be fabricated and should be capable of handling the required air volume.

“AIR-TECH” Carbon used High quality Coconut shell type which have a minimum CCL4 activity of 62%. High Hardness (Ball Abrasion) Number 95. Surface area in pares of 5 to 10A radius which provide high retentive capabilities for odor gas.

There are two sizes of Carbon panel : 600mm x 600mm x 25mm(7kg) and 300mm x 600mm x 25mm(4kg).

Initial pressure drop of “AIR-TECH” carbon filter is approximately 130Pa.

The Carbon Filter housing constructed of Galvanized Steel and contain an Aluminium Pre-Filter and a Metal Carbon Tray section.

50mm Prefilter section have a metal track to accommodate an Aluminium Pre-Filter. Carbon tray section contain carbon trays hold in V-shaped channels.

Access doors of fully gasketed on both sides of the housing. Carbon trays easy allowed to slide in/out from the Housing.

Carbon trays surface area/face area of carbon housing is 12m2/m2.