• HKFSD Ventilation Division Approved
  • Comply with UL 710:2017 (6th Edition) and UL 867:2016 (5th Edition)
  • MERV15 ASHRAE Test Standard 52.2-2017
  • EN779-2012
  • 96% Oil Removal Efficiency – China Standard (HJ/T 62-2001 – Test Regulation For Fume Control Equipment)


  • Commercial kitchen exhaust fume purification
  • HVAC air purification

Technical Data

  • Input Voltage 220~240V/1/50~60Hz
  • Watertight Welded Galvanized Steel with Powder coat finish cabinet, drain pan and drain hole.
  • Lower Pressure Drop, 81Pa at design flow rate.
  • Reduce Odours and Permanent deposition of contaminants.
  • Two-piece ionizer-collector section, Aluminium Ionizer with tungsten wire &Aluminium Collecting Cell.
  • Aluminium Pre/After Panel Filter.
  • Dual Voltage Solid State Design Power Pack – Low Voltage “Fail-safe” &“Automatic” Reset Design.
  • LED Indication Lamp indicate the Power Pack Running and Voltage Supply.
  • Safety Interlock Switches System, cut-off power whenever door is unusual open.
  • Stainless Steel Slides, Stainless steel air distribution baffles, Open Beneath support framework.
  • Each Section with Perimeter Gaskets Side Access Maintenance Door.
  • High Rated Ceramic and Glass Fill Polyseal Insulator.
  • Without High Voltage Wiring between Each Inside Compenonts, Easy remove ionizer-collector section components.
  • Fan interlock dry contact provided.

Model Selection